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Thursday, 18 January 2018

Is Egg veg or non-veg?

Some of the people thought egg is non-vegetarian and they will never have it, and will stick with there rules.
   Now a days many people are telling that egg is vegetation, because eat Gandhi ji egg. If you see Gandhi ji eat non-vegetarian later he stopped eating it and he started eating egg, later he stopped egg too.
   Yes egg is non-vegetarian in my point of view.
  1.  If it is vegetation from which tree is it coming?
  2.  Any vegetarian food consists fiber, but in Egg there is no fiber and in any non-vegetarian food doesn't contain fiber.
  3.  cholesterol will be there in egg. In one egg there will be 210 mg cholesterol. In the world for vegetation there will be zero cholesterol.If Egg is vegetarian it doesn't contain cholesterol.
Every person in the world should eat egg because of it's uses. But don't think in your mind that it is vegetation.

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