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Monday, 12 February 2018

WhatsApp Introducing UPI Payment feature in India

WhatsApp Introducing UPI Payment feature in India

WhatsApp UPI Payment

WhatsApp has created a new revolution by rolling out its payments service for Indian users by introducing UPI (Unified Payments Interface), and it will officially rolled out more than 200 million Indian WhatsApp users very soon.It is live for both iOS and Android .

One can receive money with there UPI-Linked bank accounts. Just we have enter the number of the payee and if the number is inked with any of his bank accounts it will automatically show the linked account.

Just we have to add the member and we can send the money as it is UPI based money will be directly send to Bank account, So that there will no need of mobile wallets any more. As this is newly added feature you need to update your App.

Keep in mind that both persons must be updated the App  this means the sender and the receiver both should be updated the app to get use this feature.

WhatsApp has appears to be partnered with ICICI Bank for providing this UPI payments. To use this UPI based payments, User agin wants to verify there mobile with OTP to activate UPI.Almost all popular banks are included in this payments such as SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Yes Bank, Axis etc...

Steps to Follow to activate WhatsApp Payments( For sending and receiving money)
  1.  Go to WhatsApp setting
  2.   Select Payments
  3.   Add new account
  4.  WhatsApp will asks to accept there terms and conditions
  5.  After accepting there terms and conditions, you will be asked to verify your mobile number
  6.  Then your mobile linked bank account will be displayed based on UPI.
Not only one bank account you can add multiple bank account also, just by clicking on add new account. The needs to enter there last six digits of there debit card along with expiry details to create a Virtual Payee Address(VPA).

How to send money using WhatApp:
  1. You need to go to any of your WhatsApp contact or even in Group chat. Just tap on attachments and select Payment option on it.
  2. Keep in mind that receiving person also should be using latest WhatsApp to access this feature.
  3. In group chat users can choose any individual person to whom there are going to send the money.
  4. This service is available in 10 different languages of India.
Keep using WhatsApp 

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