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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Is Time Travel Possible

Is Time Travel Possible

Is Time Travel Possible? This is the question that raises for every human in this world at least one time in his life. Actually we all are doing time travel every minute. Yes we are travelling 1 hour with speed of 1 hour. But the point here is can we travel more than the speed which we are travelling now?
Many people do some mistakes in there life and they want to change it buy going past in there life.Some people want to see there dead parents buy going to past, Some wants to go in the future and wants to see about there life in that time.

The Scientist Albert Einstein who belongs to 20th century has developed a theory called Special Relativity. But imagining Special Relativity is very difficult because we are not experiencing it in our daily life. But many Scientists conformed that Time Travel is Possible. Coming to Special Relativity  Theory, this theory explains about Space and Time are two factors which have connection between them, Which is called as Space-Time. In simple Space-Time is noting but our universe. Any thing which is travelling in the Space will have 3 Lakhs Km/sec which is equal to 3x10^8 m/s. Even Light is also traveling with this speed only. Sun light is taking the time of 8 minutes 20 sec approximate time to reach surface of the earth.
Distance between Sun and Earth is 15,00,00,000 and speed of the light is 3,00,000.

                                                         150000000  =  8 minutes 20 seconds
If all a sudden sun disappears we can identify after 8 minutes 20 seconds only. Special Relativity tells that, If we travel in the universe we can notice some unbelievable things. Especially if your relative speed matches with light speed. Relative speed is noting but difference between your speed in universe and speed of the Earth. In that case comparing with time on earth, your time will become  slower. But identify this difference until you reach to the Earth. Just amuse that if any one went to space for time travel at age of 20, If your speed matches with Relative Speed as discussed above and if your age passes 5 years and then you returned to Earth then your age will be 20 years but your friends age will be 65 years, because for you time has passed slowly. So we can say that 5 years of you is equal to 50 years of your friends. So if you started at 2018, to go-to 2068 you will take just 5 years of time, so that you are travelling in time.

There are total 4 ways for Time Travel

  1. Speed Of Light : (We discussed above)
  2. Gravity : General Relativity Theory is also proposed by Albert Einstein. According to this Theory where gravity will be more in that place Time will be slower. Black Holes are the biggest example for that.In Space where the gravity is very very high, even light is also not able to come out that is called Black Hole. We cannot see Black Hole black light also cannot come out of it. Because any object can be visible to eye with the help of light reflection only. 1 hour time in the Planets near Black Holes are equal to 7 years time on earth.
  3. Suspended Animation: By stopping human Metabolism process our age will not increase. To stop Metabolism process cryogenic liquids are used. If we place a human being in a cryogenic box and open after 50 years there will not increase.
  4. Warm Holes : In the universe there will be some Warm Holes it will works as bridges for one time to another time. If you enter into those Warm Holes it will take you to some billions in to the future.
These are the four ways for Time Travel. In future we can definitely travel in time, but for that we need more advanced technology. Let us hope for the best.

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